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An international industry and a unique field of scientific studies, shipping has a multidisciplinary nature covering such subfields as marine studies, marine technologies, maritime transportation, and marine as well as maritime law. It is also in interaction with such scientific disciplines as law, history, geography, mathematics, physics and business. Through such rich connection and interaction with a great variety of industries and scientific disciplines, shipping has an appreciable importance in worldwide and overall trade, politics, history, and industrial geography. Along with this effective role in the international arena, shipping takes a significant place in the fields where Turkey benefits and enjoys remarkable competitive advantages. This multisided, international, and multidisciplinary nature as well as outstandingly wealthy interactions of shipping industry reflects its noticeable strategic importance. Thus, forming a decent platform where inspiring, motivating, innovative and creative studies in this field could be presented and discussed and where the relevant scientists and scholars could carry out promotive and progressive debates has become indispensable.

Shipping industry, which has taken an honorable place in the key industries of our country, has recently gained considerable advancement in scientific studies and offering education and training programs for various positions and competencies through the stimulative support and pioneering contribution of many shipping related education institutions. As an impressive consequence of this advancement, the number of the mentioned education/training institutions has increased; these institutions have strengthened and sustained their qualitative staff; they have produced a great number of competent graduates from their MSc and PhD programs; and hence contributed a lot to further progress of young scholars. For instance, in maritime history, various ranges in logistics and maritime transport as well as marine studies, a remarkable number of scientific studies has been produced, and the number has indeed been in steady increase. At this point of increase in scientific researches in maritime issues; Dokuz Eylul University Maritime Faculty Journal has been submitted to the attention and interest of the maritime audience, as a scientifically reviewed platform where shipping related studies are presented and discussed and the relevant scholars can exchange their views and experiences.

Dokuz Eylul University Maritime Faculty Journal, which has been published since 2009, aims to academically contribute to the advancement of shipping industry through facilitating the stimulative, motivative, and innovative discussions on both national and international studies. Published twice a year, the journal shares with the relevant audience the worthwhile studies of the shipping-related academies as well as of those participants from various fields of shipping industry. Thus, all those participants who want to share their studies with the shipping audience are required to contribute to the Journal by means of submitting their studies to this decent platform for constructive, progressive and collaborative discussions. We do hope that this journal will appeal to the needs of the scholars as well as practitioners involved in maritime industry and will provide them with a satisfactory source of steady progress in their specific fields.

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